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Gallery FAQ

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Below are frequently asked questions that we hear and regularly respond to from artists and other interested parties with their answers.

If your question is not answered either here or in the links provided, please contact us at our email address: info@lightspacetime.com and we will respond to your request as quickly as possible.  Thank you.

What is Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery?

In 2010 Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) was created to assist new and emerging artists gain competition experience in juried art shows. The gallery works to help participating artists develop their art resumes and obtain exposure to decision makers in the art world.

Light Space & Time conducts monthly themed online art competitions. The winning artwork is promoted through the gallery to over 70,000+ visitors and 225,000+ page views each month.

Each winning artist also has news of their participation emailed to over 10,000 gallery owners, corporate art representatives and decision makers in the fine arts field, who subscribe to our bulletins.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery does not sell artwork.  All purchase inquiries go directly to the artist.

The copyright for all artwork shown on the Light Space & Time website belongs to respective artist and no artwork may be reproduced without the written consent of  its creator/artist.

Who Operates Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery?

John R. Math, is the owner and the director of Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.  He is a fine art photographer and an art marketing specialist.  John successfully markets his work through art galleries and art representatives to the corporate art market. 

When he first embarked on his career, John participated in online and “bricks and mortar” art competitions and exhibitions. Based on this experience, he formed the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery in 2010 as a way to identify talented artists and to help them market their art.

What are the Benefits of  LST Online Art Competitions?

The benefits to an artist to expose their art work and artistic talents through Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) are as follows;

Winning artists each month are promoted extensively in publicity, social media and direct email campaigns.  In addition, winning artists for each month are circulated to over 70+ news and press release outlets and event websites around the world, which, as a result, creates traffic, exposure and back links to the artist and their art website.

Winning artists are marketed and promoted extensively through social media networking including Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Twitter and YouTube.

LST provides gallery artists with materials to display in their portfolios including digital Art Exhibition Event Postcards, Event Press Releases and Award Certificates

The gallery’s Art Exhibitions are presented in a YouTube Video on the Light Space & Time YouTube Channel,  which artists can link to for marketing purposes.

Winning artists receive the “Leveraging Your Success” marketing materials.  This package contains art marketing expertise and suggestions to help artists to market and successfully promote their art.

Artists’ work featured on the Light Space Time site is exposed to over 70,000 Visitors and 225,000 Page views each month. 

An artist’s work and website link is retained in the gallery’s archives, providing continuing exposure to the artist and their even after the show is over.

How Can the Signature Artists Gallery Sell My Art?

In 2015 we decided to provide our artists with an additional way to help market and sell their art with the   Signature Artists Gallery. This is a joint effort by www.ArtsyShark.com & www.lightspacetime.com.  Both entities showcase their best and some selected artists, by invitation only, to pin their for art sale on their joint Pinterest Board.

Any and all sales are direct with the artists without commissions. The two Pinterest Pages have a combined 250,000 visits per month & a combined 13,000 impressions per day.

How Do We Contact The Gallery?

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
118 Poinciana Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458

Email:   info@lightspacetime.com

Tel:         888-490-3530

Does the Art Gallery Keep and Promote Our Art?

Light Space & Time’s successful monthly art exhibitions are cataloged and retained in Gallery’s Archives. Each archived month showcases the winning artists from the themed monthly competition. The archive of the chosen artwork will be for a period five (5) years after the close of that month’s exhibition.  The archive displays the Overall winning artists, First Place through Fifth Place winners along with Honorable Mention artists for each media category.  In addition the gallery has a Special Merit award category and a Special Recognition category. We  include links to the winning artists’ websites.  

Since the beginning of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (2010), we have been innovative in marketing our gallery artists’ work and our monthly art exhibitions.   We were one of the first art galleries to show their art exhibitions on YouTube.

We established the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery YouTube Channel to house our extensive library of art exhibition videos. After viewing our YouTube Art Exhibition Videos, we hope you will become a subscriber to our YouTube Channel.  Our Gallery Page at Submittable here.

What is the Procedure to Enter Your Art Competitions?

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is uses the Submittable system to receive, process and administer all of our art competition entries.

Submittable is an international platform that provides administrative processing for art organizations. Submittable provides these services for many creatives, specializing in writing, film-making, art, photography and grants.  Based in Montana, USA, Submittable was founded in 2009. Presently, they provide administrative services to more than 7,000 organizations. Their website is www.submittable.com.

What are the Benefits of using Submittable? 

  • Free simplified registration
  • Artists can upload large files
  • 24/7 entry processing with immediate confirmation
  • Flexible credit card payments and PayPal processing
  • Artists can review entries 24 hours a day
  • Registration with Submittable gives artists access to the competitions of over 7,000 art organizations.

Can LST Gallery Artists Promote their Art Events?

LST has an Artist News Page.  This section of the website is available exclusively to any of the Light Space & Time Online (LST) gallery artists.  Any LST Artists whose art was shown in a past LST art exhibition may submit their news about a current art exhibition, any art newsworthy event that they will a part of or a future art show (this news excludes any Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery event or awards) that they are involved in.

LST artists may have their art news posted in the Artist News section on a rotating basis with the other LST gallery artists, subject to the Artist News Submission Guidelines Here.

To have your news/press release considered for potential publication please submit your press release through our Press Release Submission Form Here.

Are There Any Opportunities For Solo Art Exhibitions?

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) has created the Solo Art Series in order to help emerging and serious 2D and 3D artists (including photography) achieve their goal of advancing their art careers.  The LST Solo Art Series offers emerging artists the opportunity and marketing vehicle to showcase a full body of their artworks (from 10 to 25 images) in an individual month-long solo art exhibition.

This solo art opportunity will take place within a competitive atmosphere wherein four winning artists will be juried into a series of monthly, solo online art exhibitions.  Each winning artist shall be promoted on a worldwide basis through the LST website, in email marketing, with 70+ individual international press releases, extensive social media marketing and promotion.  This kind of promotion is invaluable in advancing the serious artist’s career.

The competitive process will encompass not only the quality and depth of the artist’s artwork but will also include an evaluation of the overall presentation of the artist’s biography and artist’s statement as included in the entry package.  The requirement of a complete entry package creates an opportunity for the artist to craft and to polish their artist statement and artist biography.  Here is a direct link to further information on the Solo Art Series

Does LST Ever Feature Any Individual Artists?

Each month LST features selected artists in the Artist Showcase section.  These are artists who have previously competed in and have had their work shown in the Light Space & Time Online Gallery. Artists who have demonstrated a high degree of artistic talent and skill will be showcased and promoted by the gallery, along with their art. Through this feature you get to meet, see and begin to understand what motivates these great artists and their art.

Since we have been holding these monthly art competitions it is amazing to me the quality of the art and the talent that has been shown in these art exhibitions. Please take the time to read these artist showcases features, as it will really help you to develop a sense and an understanding of these artists as people and the meaning behind their fantastic art.

Can the LST Gallery Provide Us With Artist Testimonials?

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely gratified and somewhat overwhelmed with the encouraging feedback that we have received from various artists from all around the World who have been apart and participated in our art competitions and art exhibitions.

We provide a sampling of some of the positive thoughts and feedback that we have received about the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery from our gallery artists in the Testimonial Section of the website.  

Are Their Any Reciprocal Link Opportunities with LST?

Yes there is. Located in the About Us Section in the header of the website, we have a page devoted to good and high ranking art related links.  If you are interested in exchanging links write to us for further information info@lightspacetime.com

What Are the Rules for Your Online Art Competitions? 

Please read the LST Rules and the procedures in order to apply properly. Please try to follow the theme of each competition, as this is the most important aspect for the artist to consider. If you have any questions regarding the theme and its interpretation, please contact us at info@lightspacetime.com  and we will help you with the application process

What Awards Are Provided for Each Art Competition?

Ten winning artists will be selected for the Overall Category, chosen from the two (2) media categories.  Each media category will have a first, second, third, fourth and fifth place as well as five honorable mention awards.  There will be Special Recognition awards for each media category.  There will also be a Special Merit Category, which is art chosen from both media categories.

The winning images will be seen by an international audience of gallery directors, art collectors and art consultants. The winning entries will be featured on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website for one month and then remain in the gallery’s Archives.

By having their work on the LST website, winning artists will increase exposure to their work, enhance their resume and create an increased number of backlinks to their own website.

After the art show closes each month, the exhibition will remain in the LST Archive to be viewed by website visitors and be available to be promoted by the artist through their personal art portfolio.

LST will promote the winning artists of each exhibition via email, online press releases, online event promotions and social media marketing to art collectors, art gallery owners and directors and related art professionals.

LST will promote the winning results by posting press releases to more than 70 online Press Release sites. Each press release will detail that month’s exhibition and when possible, advertise the artist’s professional art websites. In addition, LST will promote that month’s art exhibition in over 75 worldwide event sites.

LST also provides promotion to the artists in the Special Merit and Special Recognition categories and lists them in the archive at the close of the show in which they are included.

What Are the Entry Fees for Each Art Competition?

The entry fee is $14.00 for 1 to 2 entries and $24.00 for 3, up to 5 entries. (Higher Entry Fees May Apply for Special Art Competitions, such as the “Solo Art Series”).  There Are No Return of Any Entry Fees.

Why Should We Have an Artist Biography?

When submitting your entries, we ask that you provide a short bio (1,000 Word Limit), written in the third person. Tell us a little bit about yourself: your artistic training, your artistic inspiration, media choice, any special techniques used, any prior exhibitions… anything that you might like our patrons and visitors to know about you. Also, include your website URL.

NOTE:  In the final evaluation and for our choices for the top exhibition selections, we will select the artist who has provided us with a complete bio, versus an artist who did not, therefore it is important to provide this information to us.  Poorly written bios or any bios that have exceeded the word limit will be edited.

How Are We Notified of the Art Competition Results?

Every artist whose artwork is chosen for that month’s art exhibition will receive an email notification.  All other art competition participants will receive an email notifying them that their artwork was not selected, along with the results of that art competition.

What is the Criteria for Judging the Submitted Art?

The artwork submitted to our competitions will be judged based on the following elements of artistic expression:

  • Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.
  • Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.
  • Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.
  • Overall impression of the art. What is the effect of the artwork in general and as a whole? Overall, does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?

Who is the Judge of These Art Competitions?

The Judge of the art competitions is John R. Math and he may be assisted by other art professionals when they are available to the gallery. John R. Math is the founder and the Gallery Director of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. John is also a fine art photographer who successfully sells his work through art galleries and through art representatives, mostly to the corporate art world. In addition, he is an artist marketing expert helping new and emerging artists to market and promote their art.

What are the Use Rights for Light Space & Time?

Artists who submit their artwork to the Light Space Time Online Art Gallery (LST) website for an art competition and have any of their submitted artwork chosen for participation in the subsequent art exhibition agree to the following; That LST be granted usage of the chosen artwork, only for display, marketing and promotional purposes for that art exhibition, and for any future LST themed art exhibitions and that usage of that image(s) is limited to any LST press releases, LST event presentations, LST articles, LST graphics, LST slide shows, LST presentations, LST event materials and for use on the LST website.

The artist further agrees that LST can maintain an archive of the chosen artwork for the purpose of a historical documentation and as a record of past themed shows. This archive will be available for public viewing and be limited to the LST website (www.lightspacetime.com). LST will credit each image creator with their Artist Name, File Name and the Artist Website, if applicable. The Artist shall maintain all copyrights of any images that are submitted to LST.

No resale of or exchange of images will occur by LST. All images contained herein or attached to this website are the property of the artist and the artist retains the sole copyright and all applicable rights to said images. No images may be copied or downloaded from this website.

Artists should read the website’s Terms and Conditions page and entry into any art competition conducted by LST, the artist is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the Rules.  Here is a link to the Terms and Conditions page.

Can We Follow the Gallery in Social Media?

Yes.  Light Space & Time has an extensive Social Media presence.  The gallery has a Cool Social Media Impact score of 100.  That score is the highest that can be attained by a website.  Below are the gallery’s Social Media Links.  Please follow us!








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