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Artist Showcase – Gwyned Trefethen

Artist Showcase – Gwyned Trefethen post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that fiber artist Gwyned Trefethen has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.

Gwyned Trefethen didn’t plan on being an artist. When she retired from her business career to raise her family, she knew she would need an outside hobby for self-fulfilment.  She signed up for a traditional quilt class with the idea that she could make quilts to gift to friends and family. Soon she opted to modify quilt patterns rather than make them as is. Within a few years she said goodbye to patterns completely, making fiber art of her own design.

A self-taught artist, Gwyned embraces the challenge of learning what she can about design principles and exploring media other than fiber. The lessons she learns infuse her art leading to new lessons to be explored. One avenue of exploration she returns to repeatedly is value. Thus her series, Shifting Values is born. It depicts what happens when value is shifted across the quilt canvas in two opposing directions.

Her fascination with value is expressed in subtlety, sharp edges, shadow, dappled light and luminosity. Value is the first consideration when Gwyned Trefethen starts her artwork. Through careful selection of fabric and thread she is able to bring emphasis to areas of an artwork while allowing other areas to recede.

Value is as integral to her work as mastering the technical aspects of sewing. She finds that understanding the unique challenges fabric brings to value is an ongoing learning process. She favors commercial fabrics, which may include multi values of the same hue or many hues. She becomes a pointillist laying down many colored dots to achieve a single color.

Observation and experimentation have been the focus of Gwyned Trefethen’s education. She continues to study art and the world around her to learn what makes an image “sing”.  She also brings this experience to her role as a teacher of fiber art.  To succeed in this role she finds it necessary to break down all aspects of her medium from sewing skills to principles of design.  She finds helping her students helps her hone her own skills.

Gwyned’s work is exhibited around the globe. Examples of her work can be found in multiple publications, in private collections, and on several websites, including her own. She is a member of the Wisconsin Visual Artists and a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilts Associates. She serves as the Chair of Studio Art Quilt Associates’ Exhibition Committee.  www.gwynedtrefethen.com

Artist Showcase – Graehound

Artist Showcase – Graehound post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that abstract artist Graehound has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.

Graehound’s latest two-dimensional work is an attempt to reconcile multiple styles, media, and emotions in a distillation of personal perspective through curious, bizarre, or disturbing subject matter that deals with disability and the loss of control associated with it.  Systems that break and the artificiality of boundaries fascinate her. 

The images curated here span three years of image development that has gradually mutated from chaotic masses of simplified biological matter to formalist exercises in color and shape within an emotionally neutral, atmospheric, and largely abstracted space only defined by meticulous delineation.  The physical, two-dimensional area of the newest drawings is intentionally curved and regular without the rectilinear edges that so often dictate a flat surface as being an Artwork and therefore Important, while lending a sense of false portraiture to the picture plane by calling to mind the general layout of commercial photo frames. 

These images are pictorial guidelines for demonstrating how to “see” space in more distinct, intentional layers without preordaining them as such, like a printmaker, and offer a place of emotional rest within a contrastingly busy visual location.

Perpetually interested in recognizing and developing new outlets for expression, Graehound has been included in national and international exhibitions and publications regarding her work in several different media, particularly drawing and beadwork.  

She holds a BFA in Studio Art from Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in Drawing and is currently enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Studio Art Masters program at Goddard College.

Her website is www.graehound.com 

Stephanie Funke – Artist Showcase

Stephanie Funke – Artist Showcase post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that the gallery’s latest featured artist is Stephanie Funke and she will now have her photography featured in the Artist Showcase section of the gallery.

Stephanie Funke is an artist living and working in Iowa.  With no formal training in the arts, Stephanie has relied on friends in the photography world, informal classes, books, monthly publications, online resources and experience to help her navigate the world of digital photography and editing software.  As an outlet for sharing her images, Stephanie has a blog with bi-weekly posts that contain her photos and some description of and/or a reflective statement about the pictures.  Look for her Monday and Thursday posts at funkephotos@blogspot.com

As a teenager Stephanie had an interest in photography and was thrilled to receive her first camera as a birthday gift – a Kodak Instamatic that used a 110 film cartridge along with a flip flash.  That gift provided the foundation for her interest in photographing the outdoors as she started taking pictures of the local landscape and entered those images in the county fair.  After high school Stephanie rarely touched a camera as she pursued her undergraduate and graduate degrees and went on to teach Spanish for 17 years.  In 2010 she left the classroom and once again found time for the camera.  Gradually Stephanie began to photograph backyard birds, garden produce, flowers and scenes from family gatherings.  She also began taking photos of the predictable as well as the unexpected and bizarre elements of the outdoors.  Soon after she upgraded her equipment and never looked back.

The natural world continues to be a primary subject in Stephanie’s work as she is enamored with the environment just outside her door.  As a native Midwesterner, Stephanie is treated to a wide range of weather, including extremes in temperature, precipitation and severe storms.  And, although the cold is very difficult for her to be in, she often ventures out on mild winter days in order to capture the frost as it flocks the trees, giant-sized snowdrifts, local anglers ice fishing, and animals foraging for food on the barren landscape.  For example, some of her favorite and most recognizable images feature turkeys in their winter habitat.  Also, while being outside in the mild winter weather, Stephanie realized that she loves to shoot in the fog as it lingers along the river that winds through her hometown.  To her images it adds mystery, tranquility and simplicity. 

Because Stephanie lives in a rural area and has family members involved in agriculture, she also finds herself photographing scenes from the planting and harvesting seasons on the farm.  In addition, she often attends and photographs small-town festivities as these functions showcase the passions and spirit of Iowans.  From Veterans Day parades to rodeos, Stephanie uses her lens to capture the moments and savors the memories through her photos.

In 2014 Stephanie returned to teaching but has continued to embrace photography as a means of self-expression and a creative outlet.  She juggles the demands on her time as she fulfills her duties in the classroom while also staying in touch with her camera.  Recently Stephanie has also become intrigued with the ever-popular doodling craze and spends time practicing this craft while at the same time learning more about drawing, color, lines, patterns, shadows, light and so on.  She is a life-long learner who loves self-expression and the natural world.



Artist Showcase – Lewis Isaac Testa

Artist Showcase – Lewis Isaac Testa post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that the gallery’s latest featured artist is Lewis Isaac Testa and he will now have his art featured in the Artist Showcase section of the gallery.

Art is a different thing to different people.  It can be beautiful or evoke the senses; it can bring out emotions or relax you.  To Lewis it has been a long lasting love affair that has been going on for over 50 years now. It has been the one constant that proved to be more valuable to him than he could have ever imagined, and has in turn changed his life for the better.

At eight he started showing interest in art. However his father stopped that as it was considered fooling around. He needed to be more serious about life. He never thought of art again until he was thirty and had a wife and two children. He did a pencil rendering of his daughter when she was born and that changed everything. His wonderful wife suggested he go to Art School. And so it began.

He attended The Art Students League at the age of 30 in 1976 and so it started. He studied fine art illustration under the tutelage of Robert E. Shultz who was a principal influence in his life and art.  He had the privilege of studying Landscape Painting privately for one summer with Shultz. He also studied under Jack Fargasso, Robert Beverly Hale, and John Howard Sanden. After attending the Art Students League for one year, He was awarded The Art Students League Merit Scholarship for the next three years.

In 1979 he obtained employment as a graphic artist for Edward Fields, Inc. Which was primarily a high-end handmade rug design company.  There he was able to utilize his talents as an artist, which he is grateful for. His last project with them was helping to design the Oval room rug in the White House, which was a great honor and opportunity.

In October of 2003 he was involved in an automobile accident, which required him to have disc fusion surgery on his neck. When he awoke from surgery, something was wrong.  His entire right side was paralyzed, and he could not feel anything on my left side.  Though routine, the surgery triggered a stroke, rendering him paralyzed on his right side, my dominant side.  He was supposed to be out of the hospital in a few days.  Instead he found himself hospitalized for over a month.  He was then transferred to a rehabilitation facility, as he went through intensive therapy. He would need assistance with relearning everything all over again. He could not even hold a fork.  Art for him at this point seemed a thing of the past and something he had to let go of.   After three to four years of intense therapy he was able to regain much of his mobility back. He is now able to walk again, although now with a limp. 

He now paints every day for several hours.  His entire attitude has readjusted.  He is proud and confident in his works and most importantly; it is therapeutic for him to paint.  He feels a freedom when he paints. It is a strange thought and to most who have heard me tell it, if it weren’t for my stroke. He would never have transcended the self-imposed restraints on his life and of course his art had this not happened.  

He has been teaching at The South Queens Boys and Girls Club as a Pastel Artist and Instructor.  Although it has come into his life again, and at times has past, it stills remains a constant. He has overcome so many obstacles in his life and, is grateful that art has proven to be therapeutic and helped him express himself in ways he never thought possible. He feels he is one of the luckiest men on the face of the earth, and is incredibly humbled by what art has brought into his life.  

Sometimes you have to lose everything to gain everything. http://www.lewistesta.com

Artist Showcase – Patricia Schnepf

Artist Showcase – Patricia Schnepf post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that the gallery’s latest featured artist is Patricia Schnepf and she will now have her photography featured in the Artist Showcase section of the gallery.  

Patricia Schnepf was born and raised in New York, ventured to Philadelphia and Chicago before moving to Shoreline, WA. She has always loved art since picking up a charcoal pencil at seven years old and sketching her father in his favorite chair and visiting all the art museums and galleries in New York on a regular basis. Patricia studied at various art studios in New York though she is mostly self-taught in photography and photographic art techniques through constant practice, and experimenting.

Art is again Patricia’s full-time passion. She worked in the art field for several years as a fashion designer; costume designer in theater; and film production and broadcasting before detouring from her art to tend to personal responsibilities of family and being a single mother.

Photography and photographic art is currently her primary focus and passion. The subjects are spontaneous: sometimes it is the colors, dimensions, textures, or the scene itself. She believes art is to be enjoyed and expansive and focuses on capturing a scene to show the dynamics and sensitivity in a way to stimulate the senses and expand imaginations.

Patricia’s techniques vary according to subject/composition and mood it projects. The special effects are created artistically using special software. Her style, compositions, and use of color is much influenced by her love of nature and impressionist and post-impressionist painters, and Alfred Stieglitz, one of her favorite photographers.

Patricia is fascinated by texture. While some scenes project softness/dramatics/crispness, others are full of textures to be experienced through visual sensations. The type of paper on which the artwork is printed often becomes an integral part of her composition to give a “literal” feel to the image. In formal studio work, she melds lighting techniques with the dynamics of the subject.

Always in a learning mode and experimenting with new techniques, she also paints and sketches which, she believe, helps to add a greater perspective and depth to her photography and photographic art. Patricia’s artwork is exhibited live locally, nationally, internationally, and via the internet; appears in print; and in private collections.  She has won numerous awards and is invited to exhibit her art in New York at the Jadite Gallery, and the Berlin Biennial (Germany) in October of this year.

Patricia’s website is in the process of being updated to reflect her new work: www.patriciaschnepfphotography.com   

Artist Showcase – Kajal Zaveri

Artist Showcase – Kajal Zaveri post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that Kajal Zaveri has been chosen for the gallery’s Artist Showcase for the month of July, 2016. 

Kajal Zaveri is a San Francisco – Bay Area based artist, originally from India, who now since the last many years, calls California home. She is primarily a self-taught artist and specializes in abstract and semi abstract oil paintings. With an MBA in finance she worked in various corporate positions for a long time, until she took the plunge into pursuing her true passion and switched careers to become a full time artist, since the last 5 years.

Her painting style is a mix of abstract and semi abstract portrayals in rich, lush colors. Her work is colorful, free flowing, and expressive and falls in the realm of Abstract Realism, where she lets her observations, encounters and memories of places and experiences, act as a point of departure for abstracting for a more representational and modern composition.

Her art comes from a happy and positive place. She is inspired by her personal life story of growing up in colorful and vibrant India, her various international travels, and her life now in beautiful California. The colors and styling of her pieces evoke a sense of gratitude, joy, amazement, and wonderment that she feels every day and aspires to share with her viewer. The subject matter in her current body of work is largely inspired by nature; this could be the boundless horizons or the wide uninterrupted landscapes, the beauty of the changing seasons, coastal towns, rolling hills, wildflowers blooming proudly by the side of a busy road, and many such wonderful, special encounters. She also loves going through travel and Photography magazines to get a flavor of the different cultures and colors of the world.

She tries to share this story of something familiar and known, with a fresh, modern rendering, yet keeping it abstract enough for modern sensibilities. Since the viewer doesn’t know of her particular point of inspiration, it is her hope that when they view her work, it ignites their own fond memories of special places and times, and entice nostalgia and dreaminess and a sense of commonness and shared experiences.

She is fortunate enough to have her work well received in the short time that she has been working as a full time artist. Her work is currently featured on the home decor store chain, Williams Sonoma Home, and various other online galleries. Her art can also be found extensively in private collections throughout the United States and Internationally.

You can see more of her work on her website at www.kajalzaveri.com . She also invites you to follow her on Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/KajalZaveriArt

Artist Showcase – Pam Borrelli

Artist Showcase – Pam Borrelli post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that fine art photographer Pam Borrelli has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.

Pam Borrelli, a San Francisco-based photographer, has been creating photographic images her entire life, a passion first discovered in childhood. Her later formal study of photography led Pam to a fortuitous meeting with acclaimed photographer Ruth Bernhard, who became a mentor and encouraged her to pursue a deeper commitment to photography. Attending the San Francisco Art Institute and later earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, Pam developed her photography skills while focusing on the power of the captured image, accelerating the drive to express herself artistically through photography. Initially involved in portraiture, especially “glamour” and pregnant mother images, she began her successful business venture: BORRELLI PORTRAITS; she also revisited her interest in and talent for landscape and macro flora photography. While Pam’s most recent work shows an interest in a more abstract/narrative imagery, her photography continues to evolve.

“My photography focuses on an interplay between reality and imagination, between the observer and the observed. After years honing my skills in the traditional dark room, I have embraced the digital revolution in Photography, inspired by its unique and creative possibilities. I believe that the continuous advances in the technology and craft of digital photography are creating an entirely new medium.”

Professionally, Pam has participated in a number of juried exhibitions, where she has won recognition and awards for her work, and most recently from the Kellicutt International Photo Show. Her floral images are featured in the volume – “Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists”; Pam’s work may also be seen at San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, an historic nonprofit arts organization, where she currently serves as the President of its Board of Directors.

Pam’s techniques include the “creating” of photographic images through the use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that extends the range of visual information beyond what the eye can normally observe. She processes her images using a wide-gamut of digital methods. After enhancing as much detail as possible, she often creates a glow in her images by using a variety of soft focus filters, such as Nik Glamour Glow, while experimenting with a variety of textures and blending modes. For example, many of her flower images are also printed on rice paper to create even more texture and tone in the images.

“I am drawn to a wide variety of subjects that have at first glance a subtle, simple beauty. I find the artistic challenge in using the camera to capture and reveal often-unnoticed complexities of the subject, as I’m never certain of what details and secrets might be exposed. Each time I peer through the viewfinder I sense the near magical power the camera possesses, its capacity to surprise and deepen our awareness as it reveals new perspectives, even wonder, about the familiar.”  Pam’s website:  www.borrelliportraits.com

Artist Showcase – Roxanne Fawcett

Artist Showcase – Roxanne Fawcett post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that abstract artist Roxanne Fawcett has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.

Roxanne started her artistic career somewhere in West Africa, playing with wild dogs and avoiding poisonous snakes, whew, it was a lot of work! So her folks up and moved the family to Beverly Hills…movie stars, swimmin’ pools…no lie! Learning to surf in the California sun was way easier than avoiding wild beasties and harvesting coffee beans…

Well…a couple of encounters with Great Whites – near misses every one…until that last one…we won’t go there…and it was inland for Roxanne! She surmised, correctly, that painting marine life would be far less exhausting then actual interaction. So…she painted fish in the desert, then painted the desert in the mountains and then, of course, painted the mountains back at the Coast.

At least thats kind of how it was remembered. A few details might be mixed up, like the wild dogs, or the great whites, or even West Africa or Beverly Hills come to think of it… Okay…the reality is that Roxanne’s artistic journey started out with a generous and patient family, some crazy days at UCBerkeley and a wonderful West Coast life.

If asked where her art comes from, she would say it comes from a lot of creative genetics, a smattering of really good teachers, a couple of interesting encounters with the judicial system, a healthy fear of quicksand and a natural avoidance of the traditional career path.

In describing her art Roxanne would probably use such words as ‘colorful’, ‘textured’, ‘graphic’, ‘interpretive’, possibly ‘transitional’ or ‘natural’. She tends to work in series…acrylic on canvas or paper, mixed media occasionally, messy and loose. These are examples from some of her series…

Landscapes and Abstract Landscapes: landscapes, loose and free, inevitably lead to an exploration of abstract thinking. Acrylic on canvas and Mixed Media.

Painted Ponies: Horses present an amazing opportunity for the communication of power, motion, movement, and a fairy tale grace. Acrylic on Canvas.

Backyard Poppies: Florals can almost be an abstraction in and of themselves. Acrylic on Paper.

Do You Play Jackrabbit: Whimsy, calligraphic, colorful, expressive. Mixed Media on Canvas.

Circus Girls: Yes they are! What a life they must have led…the adventures, the heartbreak, the sisterhood…and Elle The Magnificent! … Acrylic on Paper.

You can find more of Roxanne’s art at www.rgfawcettdesign.com

Artist Showcase – Kathy Blankley Roman

Artist Showcase – Kathy Blankley Roman post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that abstract artist Kathy Blankley Roman has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.   

Kathy was born and raised in Chicago, IL and  is an award winning artist known for her expressive abstract paintings. All her life she has been making art of one kind or another. After high school, she relocated to Madison, WI to attend the University of Wisconsin, in a field only loosely related to art. With little formal training, she learned her craft mostly through workshops or classes at her local art centers. In her mid-years, she became proficient in calligraphy, which was shown in numerous juried exhibits and small group shows.

She taught it at Madison Area Technical College when she returned to school there to study commercial art. This led to work in the graphic design field, freelance illustration and a return to Chicago. After her retirement in 2010, she started painting her current abstract work when studying nonobjective expressive painting with arts educator and author Steven Aimone. Shortly after that, she added encaustic painting to her repertoire and more recently, she started painting with oil and cold wax medium.

Her expressive paintings have been shown in juried and small group shows nationally and online including numerous appearances in Light, Space & Time competitions. In 2014 she was chosen as a finalist in the 32nd Annual Competition of The Artists Magazine and was accepted into the highly competitive National Art Encounter 2015 at the von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL.

Kathy’s intuitive paintings are process driven and reflect her connection to the world around her. Using acrylics and various drawing media or beeswax, oil paint and pigment–adding, then taking away, painting over, scraping backher paintings develop depth and a sense of history. She uses contrasting elements to create tension: warm colors vs. cool, texture vs. smooth and high energy marks supported by calm, muted colors. The process she uses of layering and scraping in her acrylic paintings translates easily to her encaustic work and to oil paint with cold wax medium.

Manipulation of a limited palette plus the use of contrasting textures defines her current work, creating the illusion of depth and motion, subtle yet full of energy, while evoking feelings of peace and calm. Kathy continues to explore and experiment with different media and ways of creating. Ultimately, it is all about the process and the physical act of creating: becoming the brush, responding to the surface, the visceral feeling of engaging it, the discovery, the evolution of the painting as it changes; and then finding the delicate balance between intuition and intention to bring the composition to a satisfying conclusion.

Kathy maintains a studio and lives in Chicago.  Her website is www.kbromanart.com 

Linda Greenwood – Artist Showcase

Linda Greenwood – Artist Showcase post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that fine art photographer Linda Greenwood has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.   

Linda Greenwood grew up on Long Island, New York. Many visits to art museums in Manhattan with her mother served as a base for growing a love of art that was nurtured then and continued to develop when she later traveled abroad.

Opportunities to pursue her interest in photography once again became available after retiring from a business career a few years ago. She could then focus on picture making and on learning how to use digital equipment and image-editing programs.

Greenwood has taken classes in art and photography at The Sharon Art Center in Peterborough NH and with the CALL Adult Education Program at Keene State College.

Greenwood completed Project 365 in 2015, meeting a personal challenge to shoot at least one photograph every day of the year. “It definitely made me so much more aware of the world around me, which inspired me to try to take even more significant photos!”

Linda Greenwood is intrigued with the process of catching nature’s splendor in her distinctive photographs. Creating a mood and a feeling through images for an observer is key for Greenwood.

She takes pride in turning ordinary objects and landscapes into artistic creations and is thrilled to have opportunities to shoot photographs in New Hampshire, especially while walking, hiking and bicycling back country roads and cross country skiing in the woods.

She likes to capture the life cycle of flowers from budding to fading, as well as the change in New England seasons, in a way that features both the beauty and the reality of existence. She feels that it is vital to look for the lines, shapes and colors in nature that will produce a significant and imaginative photograph.

She exhibits her work locally in shows in the Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire. Greenwood is a member of the Monadnock Camera Club, Monadnock Area Art Association and the Dublin Art Colony.  linda@greenwoodbiz.com 

Artist Showcase – Paula Montgomery

Artist Showcase – Paula Montgomery post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that artist Paula Montgomery is the gallery’s newest featured artist.  Paula will now be presented and promoted in the gallery’s Artist Showcase for the next 30 days.

Lively, effervescent color rhythmically pulsates through the paintings of American artist Paula Montgomery.  Beginning each composition with a particular hue or design, Montgomery then lets her materials and concept guide her process as she produces breathtakingly exquisite canvases. 

Primarily focusing on flora as a subject, Montgomery passionately transforms everyday flowers into painterly visual poems.  Utilizing either a lithe, expressionistic brushstroke or a purposeful palette knife, the artist boldly applies paints with a poetic flourish.  Unwilling to limit herself to traditional materials alone, Montgomery embraces mixed media techniques and materials in order to accumulate the abstract quality of her works.  Thus the paintings hover gracefully between abstraction and representation.

Elegant and independent, these paintings exude a sense of peace and joy.  “If my work can bring a moment of happiness to the viewer, then I feel I’ve accomplished something worthwhile,” Montgomery explains.  “I am always looking for that inner expression to make its presence felt in my work.”  Paula Montgomery lives and works in North Carolina.  Her website is www.paulamontgomeryart.com 

Artist Showcase – Gemma Best

Artist Showcase – Gemma Best post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that wildlife artist Gemma Best is the gallery’s newest featured artist.  Gemma will now be presented and promoted in the gallery’s Artist Showcase for the next 30 days.

Gemma has been an artist for more than twenty years. She is self-taught and has been refining her art practice through her mentor, who is a master wildlife artist living in England.

Having managed a landscape design company for twelve years Gemma decided in 2012 to set up Foxglove Studio. Gemma considers herself a wildlife artist who excels in realistic animal paintings. Each of her works is designed to inspire and reaffirm the soul and beauty of each animal she draws and paints.  Her preferred medium is pastel but she also paints in oils.

Gemma lives in the beautiful countryside just outside Cork City, Ireland with her husband and three small children.  Foxglove Studio is registered with the Craft Council of Ireland. 

To view more of her works, her website is www.foxglovestudio.ie.  Gemma’s email address is gemma@foxglovestudio.ie