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Benefits For Artists

Benefits For Artists post image

The benefits of using Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery are numerous for new and emerging artists wish to promote their art to a wider audience.  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery targets an audience that buys art, sells art and markets artist’s works on a professional level.

The benefits to an artist to expose their art work and artistic talents through our online art gallery are the following;

  • Winning artists each month are promoted extensively in on-line publications and direct email campaigns.  The gallery publicizes the winning artists on document sharing sites, including CalameoIssuu and SlideShare
  • Winners for each month are circulated to over 70 news and press release outlets and to event websites around the world, creating traffic, exposure and back links to the artist and their website. 
  • Winning artists are marketed and promoted extensively through social media networking including Facebook, Google+LinkedinStumbleupon and Twitter.
  • By taking part in our competitions, artists gain valuable experience in marketing their artwork and build their resumes in a low cost way.
  • We provide gallery artists with materials to display in their portfolios including digital Art Exhibition Event Postcard, Event Press Release and Award Certificates.
  • Our Art Exhibitions are presented in a YouTube Video on the Light Space & Time YouTube Channel, which artists can link to for marketing purposes.
  • Artist’s work featured on the Light Space Time site is exposed to over 70,000 visitors and 225,000 Page views each month.  At this time, 79%+ of those visitors are New Visitors.
  • An artist’s work and website link is retained in the gallery’s archives for five (5) years, which provides continuing exposure to the artist even after the show is over.

Enter Light Space & Time’s next art competition, based on the theme that interests you and, in the meantime, sign up for important email announcements about future events.  We look forward to seeing your work.