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Animals Art Exhibition – Overall Category

Animals Art Exhibition – Overall Category post image

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of October 2013 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 3rd Annual “Animals” Art Exhibition so successful.  At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have “Animals” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery. To return to the Animals Art Exhibition Home Page here.

1st Place – Adina Baker – “Showtime”

Adina Baker specializes in painting life-size hyper-realistic horse portraits. Each horse portrait is meticulously crafted under 5x magnification and her portraits take between 200 and 600 hours for her to complete.

Like most parents, Adina’s will never forget their daughter’s first word, but not because it was “mommy” or “daddy,” because it was “horse.” From the age of four, her first scribbles and drawings were of horses, until at age twelve, years of saved allowances, birthday checks, lawn mowing and babysitting purchased her first real one, Comanche, a fearless and much loved chestnut Quarter Horse.

As Adina grew as a rider, she also grew as an artist. An early influence that she still keeps close at hand is a copy of George Stubbs’, Anatomy of the Horse, purchased for a dollar at a garage sale when she was still in middle school. After a lifetime of riding, caring for and loving horses, Adina knows every inch of the horse, every muscle, tendon and bone. Even hair patterns reflect the individuality of each animal. Adina accepts a limited number of commissions each year. www.adinabaker.com  

2nd Place – Siobhán Duggan – “If I Could Talk I’d Tell You”

Siobhán is a graduate of Limerick College of Art and Design in Ireland where she studied as a graphic designer for 4 years. While working as a graphic designer she continued to paint in her spare time. She decided to share her work with the world only recently.

Siobhán’s love for animals and their true character is apparent in all of her paintings. She paints with watercolour and oil.  Painting with watercolour in such detail is a technique she learned from close friend and successful Albanian artist, Gentian Lulanaj.

She especially loves portraying the animal in portrait style, to capture the animals’ character and personality. There is something in the eyes of these animals that beckons you to come close to investigate. There is a feeling that each animal has a story to tell.  www.siobhanduggan.ie  

3rd Place – Susan Werby – “Fourth Dimension”

Susan Werby is a Photographic Artist raised in Boston, Massachusetts and currently residing in Virginia. Originally trained in the medical field, Susan later returned to her true passion of Photography and Art.

Today, she examines the world around her, merging Photography and Art, using the photograph as her “canvas”, while applying textures and colors to create a story. She strives to take the viewer with her to a magical world, allowing one to step in and look around.

Some of Susan’s work can be seen here: “Faded Memories”- cover art of CD on Record Label Bomba Records. “Golden Fairytale”- Book cover art of soon-to-be-released Slavery’s Exiles: The Story of the American Maroons by Sylviane Diouf.  Artist Website  

4th Place – Artwork Removed

5th Place – Maciej Grzegorzek – “River of Sheeps”      

Maciej is from Poland and he started to get acquainted with the fascinating world of photography as a small boy.  His father gave him a photo camera when he was 5 years old.

The Bieszczady Mountains have always been beautiful inspiration to Maciej. He says this about their influence in his art, “The Mountains in which I was born and still live in today and despite the fact that my photographic activities reach out far beyond this region, will always reflect the “Bieszczadian” inspiration and passion due to the emotional bond with that region.

For more than 20 years he has been awarded prizes and awards in Polish and international photo-contests. His most recent awards have been;  Lucies Awards, European Nature Photographer of the Year GDT, Al Thani Award, Trierenberg Special Themes Circuit, Sony World Photographic Awards, and the National Geographic Great Photo Contest.  Presently, he is working on the realization of his greatest dream, which is to publish his first photo album, that being a collection of his best photographs. www.maciejgrzegorzek.pl  

6th – Place – Lindsey Kustusch – “Closing In”

Hidden animals, San Francisco streetscapes, and dirty bar scenes make up Lindsey Kustusch’s subjects carved into the canvas with dreamy and pensive detail. Her work is a study of observation, a perpetual search for balance between “realism” and the infinite abstract harmonies shaped by form, color, and space.

Painting solely in oil, each subject is engulfed in its own mood, executed with its own set of tools, resulting in a unique life of its very own. Primarily a self-taught artist with a few years of formal training in Chicago and San Francisco, Lindsey is dedicated to pushing the boundaries in terms of how a piece is created, how the paint is applied, and how realism can be achieved using typically untraditional abstract marks.

She recently had her second solo exhibition at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco, and has been participating in their group shows for over four years. Her website  www.lindseykustusch.com.  

7th Place – Michael Dumas – “Kinship”

Michael Dumas was born in the small town of Whitney located on the eastern border of Ontario’s Algonquin Park, in Canada.  His first employment position was as a ranger in Algonquin’s interior, and was crucial to his ability to pay for his art education at Humber College of Art in Toronto. Upon graduation he served as apprentice to master painter Lewis Parker, followed by positions as junior staff artist at Vaughn Graphics, and Staff Artist with educational publishers Ginn and Company.

In 1975 he founded Nature’s Studio Inc, and has been active as a full time independent artist since then. During this time he has gained national and international recognition for his highly personal and sensitive renditions of wildlife, rural themes, and people. His art has been displayed in private, corporate, and public collections in North America, Europe, and Asia, featured in numerous magazines, books, and film, as well as being listed in several Who’s Who reference volumes.

Michael has also championed many conservation and charitable efforts worldwide. He was the first winner by competition of the Habitat Canada stamp-print program, and the first artist to win both the Wildlife ’87 Conservation Award and the Carling-O’Keefe Professional Conservationist Award. His ambitious collection of thirty pieces of original artwork depicting Canadian Endangered Species was created under the patronage of the Canada Council’s ‘Explorations’ program. Depictions of Endangered Species by Michael have been featured on Canadian postage stamps and his art has also been produced on commemorative coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Michael is also a published author and poet.  www.natureartists.com/dumasm.htm  

8th Place – Wendi Schneider – “Egret”

Born into a lineage of artists, Wendi Schneider’s work is deeply influenced by the lush beauty of the South and her background in painting, art history and design. Wendi was educated at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and Newcomb College in New Orleans.

Wendi’s sensual photographs are often recognized for their focus on detail, grace of composition and for their delicate balance between the real and the imagined. She has been a major contributor to Victoria Magazine and she is known for her hand-painted flower images on nearly 100 book covers.  Wendi was also chosen for the recreation of the 1901 Picayune’s Creole Cook Book.

Her body of work “States of Grace” is an interpretation of the natural world, including painterly wildlife, flower and figurative images. She is creating intimate portraits – pigment prints on vellum with gold, white gold or silver leaf or on metallic or watercolor substrates to create texture and drama and illuminate the precious quality of the subjects. Presently, her work can be viewed upon request at A Gallery for Fine Photography in New Orleans, Louisiana.  For additional information on the art gallery and her work, www.agallery.com. Her website is www.wendischneider.com 

9th Place – Julian Wheat – “Bonnie”

Julian Wheat is a lifetime world traveler and a totally self-taught artist who now works primarily in acrylics and also with colored pencils. At the present, he is perfecting pet portraitures, but his specialty and love is in creating wildlife portraits. Recently, Julian stated this about his art, “My preferred subject is wildlife but I often venture to paint and draw other subjects that test my skills as an artist. Variety is the spice of life as they say, which is what I try apply to my art career. I seek to inspire my fellow artists, just as they inspire me to through their own artwork.”

Julian was a finalist in the BBC International Wildlife Artist of the Year for 2012. In addition, Julian is affiliated with the “Maison des Artistes” in Paris and he now lives and creates his art in the southwest of France. http://www.julianwheat.com  

10th Place – Carson Kapp – “Angel Wings”

As an artist and Registered architect, Carson Kapp’s exuberant spirit shines through each mixed media composition with an emphasis on dynamic movement. The foundation of her passion for art is rooted in Tulane University. Ignited by the perennial charm of The Big Easy, Kapp’s work captures the spontaneity and emotion of life, which marries the linear and curvilinear. Her design process builds upon her passion for the art in architecture and is articulated in her artwork.

Carson says this about her art, “Exaggerated and sensuous shapes in vibrant colors and energetic, quick strokes are embodied in my figurative life studies. An expressionistic background is combined with abstracted figurative sketches to form a unique personality. Each Fun, Funky and Heartfelt piece speaks to viewers on a very personal and poignant level.”  http://carsonkapp.weebly.com

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