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Apply Now to the 6th Annual "Animals" Online Art Competition

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6th Annual “Animals” Online Art Competition

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces their 6th Annual “Animals” Online Art Competition for the month of May 2016.  2D and 3D artists from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion into the Gallery’s June 2016 online group art exhibition. The gallery encourages entries from artists (including […]

What Makes an Artist Professional?

By Aletta de Wal, Guest Blogger – There is still a lot of debate among artists about using the word “professional” to describe themselves. For artists who consider themselves “pure artists,” that word often implies commercialism and “selling out.” That’s not how I see it. I think that there is room for a range of […]

“Botanicals” Art Exhibition – May 2016

The gallery’s competition for April 2016 was the 6th Annual “Botanicals” Art Competition. 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world, were called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion in to the Gallery’s May 2016 online group art exhibition. Artists were asked for their interpretation of the theme “Botanical & Floral” […]

Sally Tuttle – Solo Art Series – #8 Artist

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Sally Tuttle has been selected as one of the four artists of the gallery’s second “Solo Art Series” Art Competition.  Sally will have a month long solo art exhibition and will be featured on the gallery’s front page, as well as in […]

Why Art Marketing Mastery Matters

By Barney Davey, Guest Blogger – The latest uproar in the online art marketing community is raging due to changes on Instagram. You no longer get follower updates presented chronologically. Instagram, following in its owner, Facebook’s path, is using algorithms determined by data points to display what you see. Recently, there was angst over changes […]

Ready for an “Artist in Residence” Program?

By Danielle Austen, Guest Blogger – Everglades National Park is a nature photographer’s dream. On my second visit, a park ranger told me about their artist-in-residence program. He opened my eyes to a whole world of artistic opportunity! When photographers travel, it is often with family, friends or to attend a workshop.  This limits where […]

Make Your Gallery Relationships a Win/Win

By Carolyn Edlund, Guest Blogger – Galleries can be of great assistance to artists. They are your representatives, who display, market and sell your work to collectors. They have contacts and existing customers to whom they can recommend your art. And, they may provide feedback and guidance to help you present a portfolio of artwork […]

Give Them What They Want… (Art Judges That Is!)

Artists who compete in art competitions wish to be recognized and have their art validated.  How they use that recognition is up to each particular artist (a whole other post topic). Artists can gain more recognition if they give art judges what they are looking for when they judge and evaluate the entries for a […]

Judging Criteria for Our Juried Art Competitions

Every once in a while we will have an artist ask us to explain our judging criteria that we use for our art competitions. I will try to explain here what we are looking for when we judge an artist’s submissions for one of our online themed art competitions. First, let me say that our […]

How to Approach an Art Gallery

By Jenny Judova, Guest Blogger  –  Gallery Representation is the Holy Grail for many artists, a symbol that you made it as an artist, that you are recognized by the industry. I will not spend time repeating what I have said over and over again that in this day and age spending time on trying […]

Comparing an Artist’s CV with an Artist’s Biography

For our monthly online art competitions and our special “Solo Art Series” competitions we ask artists to provide us with a biography.  A well written biography helps to get an artist into our competition’s “Top 10” and to become part of our “Overall” winning artists category.  A good biography is a must when presenting yourself […]

10 Great Ways for Artists to Start 2016!

Now is the time for artists to get ready for the New Year.  There may be things which an artist might do differently, at a higher level or more frequently to improve their art marketing and ultimately the sales of their artwork this year. Following are some actions an artist can take to improve their […]