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Thalia B. Vernet is the Winning Artist of the "Figurative" Art Exhibition

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“Figurative” Art Exhibition – July 2015

The gallery’s art competition for June was the 5th Annual “Figurative” competition.   2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world were called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion in to the Gallery’s July’s 2015 online group art exhibition.  The “Figurative” theme was considered to be figures, forms and faces. The gallery […]

Call for Art – 5th Annual “Nature” Art Competition

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces their 5th Annual “Nature” Online Juried Art Competition for the month of July 2015. 2D and 3D artists from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion into the Gallery’s August 2015 online group art exhibition. The gallery encourages entries from artists […]

Think Like a Judge When Entering Art Contests

It is very difficult for most artists when entering an art competition to evaluate their entries objectively. Questions which come to mind are; will my art measure-up to everyone else’s? Is my style of art what they are looking for? Is my work good enough to be accepted? What are my reasons for entering this […]

ArtsyShark & LST Create “Signature Artists Gallery”

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that they have entered into a joint effort with www.ArtsyShark.com to create and maintain a “For Sale” online art gallery for their best artists in order to help them sell their art.  The gallery is named the “Signature Artists Gallery” and it can be […]

Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to an Artist

The other day I had some time on my hands and I started to make a list of things that I have heard in art gallery openings or overheard while at art fairs from the general public. People who ask or say these things generally have no manners at all and of course, they have […]

Top Ten “Must-Reads” for Emerging Artists

Being an artist has never been easy. This is especially true now with the ever-changing art market, rapidly changing technologies and online marketing.   If you are like most artists, you find it difficult to find the time to read, but it is really essential for you to do this in order to stay on top […]

Light Space & Time’s Top 10 Popular Article Posts

Out of more than 1,900,000 Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery page views, the ten most popular articles viewed by visitors to the website are listed below.  This information is based on the website’s Google Analytic’s data. These “most popular” articles may not be the best written, the most informative or the most important […]

Judging Criteria for Our Juried Art Competitions

Every once in a while we will have an artist ask us to explain our judging criteria that we use for our art competitions. I will try to explain here what we are looking for when we judge an artist’s submissions for one of our online themed art competitions. First, let me say that our […]

Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2014

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce its “Year in Review” edition has been compiled and is now posted.  This feature reviews and promotes the gallery’s 12 top winning artists for the 12 individual monthly art exhibitions held in 2014. In 2014 we received more than 7,500+ entries for our monthly […]

101 #Art Hashtags for Artists to Use in Social Media

Social Media is now an accepted and effective way for artists to brand, market and sell their artworks.  The main goals for artists when marketing through social media are to increase their reach, create more traffic to their art website and display their art to new audiences. By employing art-related hashtags, an artist increases their […]

10 Instant Benefits for Using Press Releases

Many artists have not availed themselves of the numerous advantages of conducting an ongoing public relations (PR) campaign for their art or art services. An effective PR campaign does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming venture. An effective PR program can be developed and run based on the artist’s resources that ranges from […]

5 Tips on How to Avoid Art Scams & Art Fraud

In the excitement and in an effort to make a sale of their art, many artists may not use good judgment during the transaction. If sound business practices are ignored, this transaction may ultimately cause the artist to lose money, their art or in some cases, both. Here are a few tips and reminders in […]