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Surfaces Art Exhibition – August 2010


The exhibition for August was based on the judging and the results of the July art competition. The theme for July was “Surfaces”. The submission process for the artists began in June 2010 and ended on July 31, 2010. The winning artists came from a large list of entrants and from many different countries from around the World. The winners will be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of August 2010 and then remain online in the gallery archives thereafter. Congratulations to the following artists who are the winners of the “Surfaces” art competition.

1st Place – Barry Seidman “Blue Wood”

Barry Seidman grew up in New York’s fast-paced advertising business establishing him as one of the top advertising print media photographers in the country. He specialized in still-life photography and worked for the top major brands in the world. Using his vast techniques and knowledge of lighting as a foundation, he continues to be selected for various solo and group exhibitions in South Florida. His website is www.barryseidman.com

2nd Place – Olivia Alexander “Solar Birth”

The Natural World has always captured Olivia’s imagination. She loves texture, pattern and color; the materials she uses reflect this. Incorporating specialized Mixed Media techniques in an Abstract, expressionistic style she creates land, space and seascapes on canvas and paper. For the past nine years Olivia has studied Fine Art, Drawing and advanced Mixed Media with various tutors. She has exhibited in over 30 shows in Australia, as well as Italy and United Arab Emirates. Her website is www.oliviaalexanderart.com

3rd Place – Mike Bell “Sunset Beach Textures”

Mike Bell has been teaching and Lecturing in Art and Design for nearly 30 years. He took early retirement 15 years ago and he now works on his mixed media paintings for various art clubs and art societies. Mike has exhibited in art galleries in the UK, Italy, Germany and the USA. He has received Awards from Dover Art Prize 2010 UK , Palm Art Award 2006 (Leipzig), “Just Paint Award ” 2008 Artrom Gallery, Rome, 1st prize 2009 American Art Awards, 1st prize American Juried Art Salon 2009 , 1st prize Mixed Media International, Avisen-Avk Gallery, Denmark 2008. His Website is  www.axisweb.org/artist/mikebell

Honorable Mention – Sonya Conti – “Gone”

Sonya Conti is an artist based in Ohio. Sonya says about her art, “As an artist, painter I want my work to express emotion, convey an atmosphere to the viewer within the boundaries of the canvas. Discovery of the elements; water, earth, air, temperature, color as a child would explore and experience for the first time is the intent. It is that discovery that changes the art and connects us in life, the human condition.” Sonya’s website is www.marysonyaconti.com

Honorable Mention – Ashley Duross – “Backyard”

Ashley Duross is an Alaskan abstract artist. Ashley states about her work, “As a viewer, you may feel dwarfed standing before my work and drawn in by the implied architectural space, choice of color, realistic light and shadow.” And she goes on further and says, “I seek out that pleasing, asymmetrical, balanced composition full with a spectrum of values mixed in and around the planes in space and recreate the hybrid view on large-scale stretched canvas”.

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