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SeaScapes Art Exhibition – Special Merit

SeaScapes Art Exhibition – Special Merit post image

The art which was selected for the Special Merit Category is any art that we believe could have also been placed in the top tier of the entries selected for the various media categories. The only reason that this art was not selected for the top tier was due to the size constraints of this particular competition. Otherwise, the Special Merit art, in many cases, is interchangeable with any of the best art that we selected.

The Special Merit awards are being selected from the Special Recognition art from the 2 media categories. We have always stated that we thought that there were many entries in this category that could easily be considered for the top tier and this is our way to recognize these artists, along with their outstanding art.

All winning entries will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of May 2013 and thereafter, the artworks and the links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 3rd Annual SeaScapes Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have “SeaScapes” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery.

Below are the artists who have been recognized in the Special Merit Award Category and below that listing is the Slide Show for all of the artists in the Special Merit category. To return to the SeaScapes Home Page here.

Niki Arden – “The Layers Beneath” – www.nikiarden.com

Danielle Austen – “Drift” – www.danielleausten.com

Salvatore Balice – “Brighton Pier” – www.salvatorebalice.com

Mike Bell – “Druridge Bay” – www.mike–bell.comistwebsites.com

Pam Borrelli – “SF Sunset” – www.borrelliportraits.com

Pam Brekas – “On the Surface” – www.pambrekas.com

Peter Buchan – “Dark Water” – www.buchanart.net

Heather Buckley – “Untitled” – www.heatherbuckley.co.uk

Elizabeth Cadwalader – “Winter Harbor” – www.ejcadwalader.com

Teresa Cline – “Ocean Moods 68” – http://www.teresaclinegallery.com

Peggy Curtis – “Floating Iceberg” – Artist’s Website

Bob Dowling – “Which Way is Lunch” – www.oceangraphicsinc.com

Jeff Grant – “End of the Line” – www.jeff-grant.com

Lyn Green – “Rainbow Beach” – www.lyngreen.com.au

Andrea Hamilton – “Sea Study” – www.andreahamilton.com

John H. Hughey – “Boats” – www.jhugheyart.com

Freya Kazemi – “At Beach” – www.comcentury21.com

Karen Keough – “Naples” – www.karenkeough.com

Michael Lanka – “Ocean Shores” – www.mikelanka.com

Joyce Lister – “Summer Sunday Morning” – www.joycelister.com

Deborah McCarroll – “Tradewinds” – www.debmccarrollworks.com

Laurie McCormick – “Fading Light” – www.lauriemccormickphoto.com

Sidhartha Pani – “Puerto Vallarta” – www.sidharthapani.com

Alan Richards – “Her Maiden Voyage” – www.alanrichardsart.com

Viacheslav Rogin – “The Expectation” – www.saatchionline.com/rogin

Patricia Schnepf – “At the Pier” – www.patriciaschnepf.imagekind.com/store

Almine, The Countess of Shannon“New Discoveries” – www.paintingsoflight.com

Mark Thomas – “Soft Sea” – www.mthomasphotographer.com

Richard Wong – “Seabirds” – http://richardwongwatercolors.ca

Jane Wright – “Llandudno Promenade” – www.janewrightphotography.org

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