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Open Art Exhibition – August 2011

Open Art Exhibition – August 2011 post image

Our exhibition theme is “Open” which meant that the participating artists could submit any type of 2D art that they wanted for the art competition. The submission process and competition for the artists began in the middle of June and ended on July 29, 2011. We received 572 entries from 21 different countries from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Soviet Union, Australia, Singapore, Hungary, Philippines, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Ireland, Lithuania, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Greece and New Zealand. In addition, we had entries from 32 different states. We received a broad selection of media including, watercolors, oils, acrylics, collage, digital art, photography, mixed media, ink, charcoal and pencils. We tried to make our show representative of these different media and styles.

Due to the volume and the quality of the entries received this month we also included 65 artists who were chosen for Special Recognition. The artists in this group could have easily been included in the upper tier of our winners, as their art is exceptional. In addition, most of the artists who were not chosen could have easily received Special Recognition awards, as their art was also outstanding. We hope that you will take the time to also enjoy their beautiful art work too. To view their work click on the thumbnail image and that will take you a Slide Show. In order to leave the Slide Show at any time, just click on the large image to escape.

We want to thank everyone for participating in this art competition. Just because your artwork was not selected is not a reflection on your artistic talents and skill. It takes a lot of courage and nerve to enter and expose yourself to this type of competition and you should be applauded for your efforts. Please do not give up entering art competitions and calls for art, as your art could have easily been chosen here too.

All winners will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of August 2011. Thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our “Open” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

If anyone has any comments, thoughts or feedback, we would like to hear from you, as we would like to improve our online gallery, the competitions and our exhibitions. Thank you.

1st Place – Branislava Stojanovic – “Penelope”

I was born in a small Serbian town, I saw war, I studied in Belgrade and Rome, I lived in Africa. I don’t recognize myself in any absolute value: I have seen so ‘many Interpretations of every single thing… This is my style, a fusion of many original and personal influences, often irreconcilable, but basically held together by a single idea: the art as a game the highest expression of the imagination. www.branislavastojanovic.com

2nd Place – Jerry Ross – “Beach”

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A painter since early childhood, Jerry Ross attended the Art Institute of Buffalo in Buffalo, New York, the University of Buffalo, and the University of Oregon. In Italy, his work has been exhibited in Milan, Rome, Bologna, and Florence. In 2006, he originated the “American Verismo” movement while teaching at the Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene.

“I have a strong interest in the “poetica del vero” schools of painting, mostly derived from Italian influences. This can be translated as “the poetry of life or truth” and is associated with working directly from nature as in plein air painting, namely an appreciation of the oil sketch and alla prima (a direct attack) mode of painting which I apply not only to landscape but also to portraiture and figurative work.” http://jerryrosspittore.com

3rd Place – Cynthia Fleury – “Grand Marais Lighthouse”

Cynthia Fleury is a Twin Cities based fine art photographic artist who creates artistic interpretations of seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, floral, still life, travel and digital art. Her passion is experimental photography and creative processes and techniques such as infrared photography, light painting, digital handcoloring, HDR, and creative Photoshop techniques. She has studied art on and off over the years and has painted in acrylic, oil and Watercolor. Her interest in photography as an art form began in 1998 when she studied photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her digital artistry began in 2004 when digital image capture became a more viable art form than traditional film photography. www.cynthiafleury.com

4th Place – Georgette Grey – “Open Air Market”

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Since my childhood days in the woods of Ohio I have been fascinated by nature; that interest has continued through many moves and travels. I have a strong design background due to 25+ years as a graphic designer, which I believe informs and supports my compositions. I have enjoyed a life-long interest in horticulture; my interest is engaged by all sorts of life. Painting is one avenue through which I can share with others the joy, and wonder my subjects inspire in me. http://www.vertuarts.com/

5th Place – Jon Holiday – “Blue Bonnet Vista”

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For 26 years, Jon has been the owner and operator of Image One Media in Fort Worth, TX, who specializes in photography, video production, and audio-visual presentations. Jon fell in love with photography at age 9, and has received numerous awards for his images. He founded and led the Hope Camera Club for 8 years, and as such has done numerous instructional presentations and training sessions. His photographic experience spans a variety of styles and situations. www.photosbyjon.com

Honorable Mention – Evelyn Breit – “Affirmation”

A full time artist since 2000, Evelyn M. Breit is the recipient of numerous awards. Evelyn holds a BFA with honors from the State University of New York and attended the acclaimed High School of Music and Art in New York City. She energizes classical techniques with a distinctive, contemporary approach. Primarily a pastel figure painter who works from live models, Evelyn’s paintings are highly regarded for their luminosity and expressive color. In addition, Evelyn teaches drawing and painting in the Atlanta area. http://www.breitart.net

Honorable Mention – Tom Cheatham – “Pensive Boy Monk”

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Tom Cheatham is a native of Portland, Oregon, and a graduate of Northwestern University who has visited more than 70 countries in his professional career. Now, as a lifelong photographer, he has begun sharing his work with a wider audience. His passion is documenting the lives of people in underdeveloped countries. The people of Southeast Asia are of special interest to Tom, notably for their perserverance and the peacefulness they derive from the practice of Buddhism. tomcheat@yahoo.com

Honorable Mention – Ione Citrin – “Katmandu”

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Ione’s art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of world travel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in performing arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on the visual arts. Ione’s artistic expression, creativity and passion for communication have resulted in numerous awards for her painting, sculpture, mixed media, and assemblage. She appears featured in several important publications and maintains an extensive exhibition schedule. http://www.combyione.com

Honorable Mention – Inak Gieysztor – “Triqui Indians Weaving”

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Inak studied architecture in Romania, practiced there and in Canada. She also taught design and drawing for many years and at this point Inak has chosen to concentrate on her painting. The brilliance and texture that pastels are giving to a painting, their vibration and life have persuaded her into using them for most of her paintings. She is a member of pastel societies of Eastern US and Canada. Her paintings are in collections in Canada, USA and Europe. http://www.inakart.com/

Honorable Mention – Beata Podwysocka – “Birches and Benches”

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I am a self-taught artist of Polish origin whose interest in photography is a continuous search for self-expression. I attempt to create surprising contexts for the things as well as situations which we are seemingly familiar with, e.g. such transient images as shadows or reflections. I am fascinated with the fact that one is able to freeze the world that is intangible but at the same time irreversibly non-existent without the actual physicality of things. www.beatapodwysocka.netgaleria.eu

Special Recognition

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