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Nature Art Exhibition – June 2011

Nature Art Exhibition – June 2011 post image

Our exhibition theme is “Nature”. The submission process and competition for the artists began in the middle of April and ended on May 29, 2011. We received 498 entries from 15 different countries from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Bahamas, Brazil, China, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland, France, Soviet Union, New Zealand and Scotland. In addition, we had entries from 29 different states. We received a broad selection of media including, watercolors, oils, acrylics, digital art, gouache, photography, mixed media and pencils and our show is representative of these media and styles.

Due to the volume and the quality of the entries received this month we also included 50 artists who were chosen for Special Recognition. The artists in this group could have easily been included in the upper tier of our winners, as their art is exceptional. We hope that you will take the time to also enjoy their beautiful art work too. To view their work click on the thumbnail image and that will take you a Slide Show. In order to leave the Slide Show click on the large image to escape.

We want to thank everyone for participating in this art competition. Just because your artwork was not selected is not a reflection on your artistic talents and skill. It takes a lot of courage and nerve to enter and expose yourself to this type of competition and you should be applauded for your efforts. Please do not give up entering art competitions and calls for art, as your art could have easily been chosen here too.

All winners will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of June 2011. Thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our “Nature” Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

If anyone has any comments, thoughts or feedback, we would like to hear from you, as we would like to improve our online gallery, the competitions and our exhibitions. Thank you.

1st Place – Georgette Grey – “Painted Lady”

I have always been fascinated by the natural world, from childhood days in the woods of Ohio to adolescent days in Atlantic coastal areas, on through many moves and travels since. Primarily a self-taught painter with a strong design background which supports my composition, I am enthralled by all sorts of life on our big blue marble. Painting is my way of sharing the joy, affection, awe and wonder my chosen subjects inspire in me. www.faso.com/artists/georgettegrey.html

2nd Place – Nicholas Swift – “Leaving Gault”

I am a colorblind landscape painter out of Austin, TX. Through undergrad & grad school I have developed a variety of techniques to help overcome the hindrance with reds & greens. Being part Cherokee & Comanche, I feel deep connection to place. www.nickgswift.com

3rd Place – Charles Reyna – “White Sands Wind Song”

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Charles A. Reyna is originally from Texas and now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He studied Art History at The University of Houston and The University of New Mexico. In 1998, Charles began his career as a self-taught web and graphics artist. He has incorporated those skills learned as an artist/designer into his latest artistic endeavors. In late 2009, having sketched ideas for about a year, he started painting. His love for abstract art inspired him to make this genre the vehicle for his own unique contribution to art. www.charlesareyna.com

4th Place – Tina Maslankowski – “Unforgettable”

I am a third generation artist and have enjoyed painting in watercolor, acrylic and gouache as a “side job” for nearly 20 years. After a great career in theater arts, I have decided to pursue my painting career with a little more fervor. My paintings have earned awards from the Hunter Museum of Fine Art and various Fine Art exhibitions in the southeast. My work is also currently exhibited in a number of wonderful galleries in the North Georgia Mountains. www.comistatina.com

5th Place – Roman Solar – “Alone in the Dark”

Roman Solar is fine-art travel photographer who is passionate about capturing beauty of our world. Mostly landscapes of untouched nature without visible markings of civilization. Born and raised in Kosice. He has traveled throughout eastern Slovakia, with camera in hand, capturing memorable moments seeing through his eyes. www.romansolarphotography.com

Honorable Mention – Deborah Bigeleisen – “Tipping Point”

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Fractals – the geometric self similar patterns found in natural systems. Working with a single image of flower and peeling away the layers to magnify the image to its core, I have discovered an inexhaustible richness of the structure that goes beyond what is recognizable to the naked eye and also discovered how nature repeats itself through multiple natural phenomena. With a fingerprint on the universe, my ultimate objective is to immortalize the transitory nature of life.  www.deborahbigeleisen.com

Honorable Mention – Sandra Fox – “Blue Lake Silk”

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I taught art to hearing impaired students in the NYC School for the Deaf for 22 years. I have experimented with different art techniques but it wasn’t until I studied Painting on Silk at the School of Visual Arts that I found my preferred media. I enjoy manipulating the silk after painting it and combining it with painted canvas or wood. Recently I have given silk painting workshops and demonstrations to local art associations. www.silkpaintingdesign.crevado.com/

Honorable Mention – Francisco Little – “Nature’s Jewels Revisited”

I am a South African abstract artist and photographer inspired by the natural process of life. I currently live in Beijing. More of my work can be seen at www.fjlcontemporaryart.com. “Art must be felt not understood – be in and let go.” www.fjlcontemporaryart.posterous.com

Honorable Mention – Buck Richardson – “Pachynoa”

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Buck Richardson has been active across many art forms since arriving in Tropical North Queensland Australia in 1980. In recent years he has gained prominence as a digital artist winning many awards. Buck’s visual work has always been influenced by his love of the natural beauty that abounds in the tropics, from the monumental to the minute. Over the past five years he has taken a special interest in the amazing moths of his region. www.leapfrogoz.com.au

Honorable Mention – T.T. Tong – “Lotus in Full Bloom”

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After graduating from Art and Craft Department of Fu-Hsing Trade & Arts School in 1983, T.T had been an illustrator for newspapers and animation movies, a commercial visual artist, and an advertising designer. In recent years, he began to take administration responsibilities in the art-related business. he prefers to paint about objects and scenes that interests him, such as folk art, folk life, and folk culture.  www.xpower-gallery.com/eng/tt.html

Special Recognition

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