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CityScapes Art Exhibition – Overall Category

CityScapes Art Exhibition – Overall Category post image

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of March 2014 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 4th Annual “CityScapes” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have “CityScapes” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery. To return to the CityScapes Home Page here.

1st Place – Frank Welte – “Passage”

Frank Welte is a self-taught photographer. Frank is based in Massachusetts and prior to devoting himself to photography he held several positions which included astrophysics, medical physics, and now radiology.

Frank shot film on an SLR in the 1990’s and started studying photography before his time was consumed by medical school. When he saw the light of day again, digital sensors had greatly advanced and he made the switch to digital photography. Frank has an eclectic style, utilizing any elements needed to realize his artistic vision.

Frank states regarding his photography, “I’m always trying to learn something new.”  His website is http://fjwelte.500px.com

2nd Place – Nihal Kececi – “Those Days 21”

When Nihal Kececi was 13, her first art exhibition made her a local celebrity in her small town in Turkey. Though she attended one year of visual art school, she also felt a pull toward the sciences, and against her parents’ wishes, decided to pursue a degree in physics. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, Ms. Nihal began her professional life as a design engineer in Turkey.

An opportunity to work as a research associate at the University of Maryland brought Nihal and her ten-year-old daughter to the United States in 1997. They then moved to Canada when Nihal was offered a position at the University of Montreal Quebec. From 1997-2004 she worked as a software analyst in USA and Canada. Though she frequently visited art galleries, Ms. Nihal did not begin drawing again until 2001, after a 27-year hiatus. From 2001-2004, she spent her time equally between technical projects and painting. A turning point for the artist came in 2003 when a professor who purchased four of her paintings told her, “Nihal, there are many engineers, but not artists. Your contribution to society as an artist will be greater than as an engineer.” Since 2004, Nihal has been painting full time, working in pastel, oil and acrylic.  www.nihalart.com

3rd Place – Susan Werby – “Through the Light”

Susan Werby is a Photographic Artist raised in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently residing in Virginia. Originally, Susan was trained in the medical field and later she returned to her true passion of Photography and Art.

Today, Susan examines the world around her, merging Photography and Art, using the photograph as her “canvas”, while applying textures and colors to create a story. She strives to take the viewer with her to a magical world, allowing one to step in and look around.

Some of Susan’s work can be seen here: “Faded Memories”- cover art of CD on Record Label Bomba Records. “Golden Fairytale” The book cover art of soon-to-be-released Slavery’s Exiles: The Story of the American Maroons by Sylviane Diouf. Her website is www.redbubble.com/people/g7susan9werby3

4th Place – Randy Sprout – “1st Street Train Station, L.A.”

Randy Sprout began his art career in 1964 at the University of Iowa, printmaking and studying with Mauricio Lasansky and Dr. John Schultz.

Working closely with Jan Stussy and Stanton McDonald-Wright, he began painting and his drawings began to get larger and better. In 1973, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to restore some Goya steel-faced etchings at the Prado, in Lisbon. Then Ruth Weisberg of the USC Department of Art reached out to him, and he worked there for 2 years. After that, he taught teaching and printmaking for 4 years at the UCLA Art Extension then taught painting, printmaking and drawing at Pierce College. He coauthored the book “Innovative Printmaking” 1977 Crown Publishers, New York.

He still doodled with pen and inks, especially at the beach or on vacations. But it was not until 2008, when he saw the Gold Medal show of Plein Artists from the California Art Club in Pasadena that his passion for this medium began. His first paintings in this medium were in Barcelona, on the streets, setting and drawing the waiters and workers in the wonderful fall light striking down between those old buildings so close together.

His works can be found in many private and public collections throughout the world. www.redbubble.com/people/RandySprout

5th Place – Jennifer Annesley – “Sarlat”

Jennifer Annesley is a Canadian artist whose career currently spans 24 years and 60 exhibitions. Her work is collected worldwide and has been published in numerous major fine art publications, including International Artist, Watercolour Magazine, and The Artist’s Magazine. She has won many international awards including the highest watercolor award in Canada, the A.J. Casson Medal. Annesley grew up in Edmonton and attended the University of Alberta from 1985 and 1989, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Design.

Annesley draws inspiration from historic architecture and remote landscapes, and has travelled extensively to explore the subject matter that is the foundation of her work. Her focus on unusual light creates exceptional drama in her architectural interiors, landscapes and still life’s. Through her unconventional use of watercolour and charcoal, she creates a remarkable sense of light, atmosphere and a seductive balance of elegance and power. www.annesleystudio.com

6th Place – Joe Gemignani – “Asheville Supply and Steeple”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, photographer Joe Gemignani lived in Miami, FL for 30 years and now resides in Asheville, NC. Always in pursuit of visual stimulation, he’s traveled worldwide to photograph the people and places of diverse cultures. Whether using sophisticated professional camera equipment or a Polaroid SX-70 bought on eBay, the award-winning photographer captures the essence of beauty in the small details most people don’t notice.

Much of Gemignani’s Polaroid and fine art photography contrasts the physical and ethereal beauty of tropical, rural and urban environments with images celebrating varied lifestyles and architecture. For this reason, Gemignani’s photographs have been selected for permanent display in corporate collections and public areas across the United States. http://gemphoto.net

7th Place – Mark Boyer – “Bisbee on Edge”

Mark Boyer is an advanced dilettante who photographs what he likes and then sits at the computer in a darkened room for days on end, moving his mouse among photos and filters and cackling at those who worship at the altar of in-camera fiction.

Mark states this about his art, “Without being overly histrionic, photography is a petulant and reluctant mistress for me. Lengthy fallow periods are broken up by brief spurts of intense activity. Although there are few things I won’t shoot, it’s challenging to find intriguing subjects. (I have nonetheless sworn to never shoot a photo of a flower again.) I have been photographing a lot of landscapes recently though I am not a landscape photographer and not overly enamored of the area. But moving to Arizona I have found it impossible to resist the immensity and sheer magnificence of the southwest landscapes.”

He continues his thoughts, “But whatever I photograph I ultimately find myself taking the camera and moving steadily closer to the subject. I am fascinated by line, shape, texture and color, especially when I and they approach the point where the recognizable morphs into the abstract. In a somewhat parallel vein, I like the effect of transforming the everyday into the grunge and grotesque through the filter (literally) of HDR. At any rate, this is where recent activity has taken me.”  www.markboyerphotography.com

8th Place – Jon Holiday – “Pittsburgh Fire”

For the last 27 yrs., Jon has been the owner and operator of Image One Media in Fort Worth, Texas, who specializes in photography, video production, and audio-visual presentations. He has been taking pictures since he fell in love with photography when he received a Kodak Instamatic model 134 at age 9.

He founded and led the Hope Camera Club in Fort Worth, and led it for 8 years, and as such he has done numerous instructional presentations and training sessions related to photography, and conducted many competitions. He has experience with many types and styles of photography, and has received numerous awards for his images, including several Bronze Awards in the Epson International Pano Competition over the last four years, a finalist entry in the Photographer’s Forum “Best of Photography”, as well as Worldwide Gala Awards 2011 ”Colour” exhibit. Jon’s work has been juried into several gallery shows throughout the U.S.

Jon’s primary focus is TexasScapes. This includes his longtime passion for urban cityscapes and skylines, as well as natural settings with bluebonnets and wildflowers.  Explore all of his “Beautiful Places” subjects at www.photosbyjon.com

9th Place – Martina Krupičková – “Number 18”

Martina Krupičková was born in the Czech town of Světlá nad Sázavou, which is approximately 100 km from Prague, Czech Republic.

In 1990, one year after the Velvet Revolution, Martina commenced Fashion Design and Textile studies at a prestige school in Brno. These studies, lasting four years, improved her design, drawing and painting skills. However, it would be some time before these would be put into practice as the world was opening up to Czechs, who could now travel abroad relatively easily.

In 1995 Martina traveled to London, working as an au pair and spending her leisure time sketching subjects in St. James’s Park. In 1998 she spent six months traveling in the United States. In 1999 Martina returned to Prague and started to paint oil on a black canvas using a palette knife.

Martina Krupičková has since had 15 exhibitions, including a work in the 2008 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  Her website is www.martinakrupickova.com

10th Place – Aamir Zakaria – “S.F. Skyline 3”

Aamir Zakaria was born in Saudi Arabia has since lived in Scotland, England, Canada, and the United States, currently residing in San Francisco. His parents gave him a Kodak Instamatic at an early age, and from that point forwards he has pursued photography as a hobby. With the advent of digital photography, he took his passion more seriously, and has switched careers from computer programming to vascular surgery to professional photography.

The California Bay Area has provided him with a great variety of natural (and unnatural) photography material. He is especially enamored with landscapes and night photography. He considers himself a digital artist, often using software to enhance his images to create a mood or feeling. Aamir states, “Regardless of what I photograph, my goal is to create an image that makes me think ‘WOW!’ when I look at it. I hope to invoke a similar response in my viewers.”

2014 exhibitions include the 1650 Online Gallery and the Mission Comics Popup Exhibition. In addition, he received a Special Merit Award for his January 2014 submission to the Light Space and Time All Photography Art Exhibition.  More of his work can be found at www.zakariaphotography.com


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