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All Women – Overall Category

All Women – Overall Category post image

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 3 different media categories of the Painting & Other Category, 3D and Mixed Media Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of March 2015 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Congratulations to our artists who made our 4th Annual “All Women” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “All Women” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so.

Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery.  To return to the All Women Home Page here.

1st Place – Kathryn Hansen – “Wise Guy”

Kathryn Hansen lives and creates in California.  She expresses her artistic journey, “It’s been a very natural journey for me to blend my love and devotion of animals with my passion for art. They have both been powerful forces in my life since childhood and a never ending source of inspiration in my art.”  

Kathryn continues her thoughts, “Light, textures, spirit, and emotions are the foundation of my work, which I feel are best expressed through the simplicity of the pencil. Using high contrast and textural variations achieve not only a likeness but adds a richness and depth to each drawing by stripping the subject matter down to its very basics.”  

Kathryn’s travels to Africa have greatly influenced her work. “Being surrounded by such stunning beauty and the majesty of Africa, I was able to see the most spectacular wildlife in the world.” Her website is http://www.kathrynhansen.com

2nd Place – Pinar Du Pre – “Lucrezia”

As an Austrian/Turkish painter born in 1972 in Vienna, Pinar Du Pre has been influenced deeply by the artist of Künstlerhaus and Wiener Werkstaette.

As a highly talented autodidact Pinar Du Pre started painting early on. With the age of six she had produced about 500 drawn paper dolls. With age 13 she painted her first oil colour figures and invented an oil colour printing technique. Between the years of 1995 – 2005 she produced a series of cubistic oil paintings picturing street scenes of Istanbul. In 2006 she developed her current technique in which she mixes digital art with ‘the real world’.

Pinar Du Pre is an artist with an immense curiosity in the nature of reality. And reality isn’t what it’s been cracked up to be!

Pinar discusses her art, “The insights of quantum mechanics and M theory point to a universe that’s undivided, in which all parts merge and unite in one totality. The ultimate nature of physical reality is not as a collection of separate objects (as it appears), but instead an undivided whole in a dynamic state of flux.”

She continues, “My work explores the territory between the world ‘out there’ and our very different ‘worlds within’. My paintings portray the fact that our perceptions of solid reality are as deceptively virtual as everything else in a world the mind molds as readily as plastic. My technique also involves a fusion of materials, outlooks and diverse inspirations.” 

Finally she comments on her motivations, “My endless questioning the nature of our existence stems from an insatiable curiosity and an unfathomable love for truth. I believe in the sacredness of the human experience. Art is a canvas to mutate my curiosity into a form I can share – to transfer scientific and spiritual curiosity into pictures – to give form to the formless.” Her website is   http://www.pinardupre.com

3rd Place – Deb Della Piana – “Egret Reflections”

Deb Della Piana is a former advertising manager for a Fortune 500 company, turned photographer and artist. Deb has been shooting photos since she was a kid, and she bought her first “real” camera (a Nikkormat) when she was in her.

She loves photographing nature, landscapes, city streets, people…just about anything. She would rather shoot from the hip than creating staged shots.

Deb discusses her art, “It seems that no matter where I go, my two cameras are always with me. And on my days off from work, I try to get out to find more photos. I also love to paint in all media. You can see my original art at DellaVision Arts.”  Her website is http://stoplookshoot.com

4th Place – Karen Israel – “Straight On Till Morning”

Karen Israel, a Hartford, Connecticut pastel artist, was born in 1959, raised two daughters while working as a physical therapist. About 10 years ago, Karen decided to try a few art classes and found that the adult education in the local art guilds were not giving her the training she desired. After trying many painting mediums, Karen sought instruction from the top pastel artists in the USA, studying at Ateliers and in workshops.

Since 2009, Karen’s pastel work has had much success, winning awards at the national level and she has earned the title as Master Pastelist with The International Association of Pastel Societies and The Pastel Society of America. Karen’s works have been chosen for Third Place in the Pastel Journal’s Pastel 100 Competition in 2012 and 2014 and she is now an Artist Member at the Salmagundi Club, NYC where she sells much of her work. In addition, she was elected to be President of the Connecticut Pastel Society and is serving a two year term.

Karen’s style is representative but symbolism, and abstraction are constantly emerging in the frame and composition and design is in the foreground of her creativity. She paints from life when possible and her concepts are unique and varied. Karen’s work can be seen in many public and private collections in the US and Canada.  http://www.combykarenisrael.com

5th Place – Karen Crouse – “Curiosity”

Karen Crouse started in a darkroom at 8 years old at a summer camp, and took photography classes throughout high school. Eventually she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Photography at Shepherd University.

After a long break from the art world, she decided to explore photography again. Changing from darkroom based photography to digital photography was both a challenging and exciting endeavor.

Karen Crouse has a wide range of photographic interests, depending on whatever feelings she wants to convey. She feels the camera is an extensive of herself, and likes to take pictures of what she sees in the moment and what interests her at that time.

Her photographs, like life, are constantly changing and evolving, and she can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Karen is currently living in the Baltimore, MD area.  www.facebook.com/kcrousephotography

6th Place – Carla Carlson – “Corrugated Live Oak #2”

Born in Wisconsin, but mostly raised in Mississippi, Carla Carlson considers herself a Southern painter. She received a BFA in Drawing & Painting from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1995 where she specialized in large-scale figure paintings.

For 20 years Carla painstakingly developed her vision of how she sees people. Then she made a decision to turn away from the figure and work on other ideas. Whether it was a mid-life or mid-career crisis, she decide to do a complete an about-face.

Carla Carlson changed everything about the way she painted: She switched from canvas to wood panel; from large format to small; figurative subjects to landscapes and abstracts.  These paintings are a new beginning for Carla and they can be found at her website www.CarlaCarlson.com

7th Place – Judith Brandon – “Light Sleeper”

Let’s talk about the weather. It used to be a social pleasantry between neighbors as well as strangers. “Nice weather we’re having,” or, “It looks like rain, don’t forget your umbrella.”

Whether catastrophic weather events are happening more frequently or we are privileged by technology to witness those more often, the dialogue about our atmosphere has changed.  Now we say things like, “How do we prepare for this?” and, “What the heck is happening outside?” Lack of control stirs our inner animal. We sense the same fear and helplessness in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath as all of the other creatures on the planet.  Nature has a way of leveling the playing field—literally.

Judith Brandon talks about her art, “I work primarily with mixed media on paper.  Focusing on techniques and materials, I investigate the dynamics of weather and landscape, including the emotional effect of the limits of our ability to cope with catastrophe. Rather than presenting a factual reality, I fabricate an illusion to conjure the realms of our imagination. Each piece has a story and an emotion within it.”

Judith continues, “Through thoughtful crafting and layering, the pieces reveal themselves as tornadoes, ocean swells, light pillars and storms.  By exploring the concept of landscape in an emotional way, I try to heighten the dynamic between the audience and myself.  Like nature, emotion is mutable.  The most important element I work with is emotion – it drives my vision.  Suspending a breaking wave is like trying to describe happiness or grief—there are no defining edges, you just ride through it.”

She lives in Cleveland, OH where she graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1987.  Her work has been exhibited in many national juried exhibitions and reviewed in international publications. Her website is http://jmbrando.com

8th Place – Susan Beazley – “Hebden Heather”

Susan is fascinated by the wondrous beauty and infinite variety of the human landscape – especially the female form. Susan’s paintings reflect her sense of the essential nature of the women that sit for her: their individuality, authentic natural beauty and interior landscape – the ‘woman within’.

Her interest is in celebrating women and in the process addressing (often poor) body image. The sitting process can be a form of healing as women are seen and heard without judgment.

Currently, Susan is working with life models with the support of Doug Binder at Dean Clough in order to develop her observational and technical skills.  Susan paints in oils. Her painting inevitably reflects her own personality – lines are bold, brushwork full of energy and colour vibrant.  http://www.susanbeazley.com

9th Place – Monique Brent – “My Song”

Monique Brent, a versatile contemporary artist originally from Mansfield Oh.  Monique discusses her artistic influences, “Yes it’s the small town where “Shaw Shank Redemption” was filmed. Being from a small town I learned early on to find something to focus on and go with it. From watching my mother at the age of seven I found that drawing and creating was very rewarding. Running was also in my blood. I can remember running from geese when I was younger and practicing jumping over bushes when I became older. Running gave me another release that was very rewarding…that is if I ran well. So with track/art scholarships I graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program in Applied Digital Design.”

I now have achieved a goal that I’ve had since I stumbled on the fact I had a talent at all, and that was to become a fulltime artist. I now am owner of Mo’ Designs and developing my art career to make a statement. You can do what you love and be the type of artist you want to be no matter where you’ve come from or what you’ve been through if you put God first.

She has been exhibiting her works in art festivals and art shows such as The Warren Co. Festival of the Arts, The Chicago Tribune Art Festival, and The Columbus Art Festival. Her art can be seen on her website at www.modesignsart.com

10th Place – Overall – Tatjana Krilova – “Last Leaf Dream”

Latvian-born Tatjana Krilova is a contemporary artist now living and working in Toronto, Canada.  After completing university and receiving her diploma in civil engineering Tatjana worked on bridge construction projects.

During which time (middle 1980s to the 1990s) she began studying art in informal studios and classes in Riga, visiting Latvian Art Academy workshops and participating in outdoor art activities and shows.  Her teachers in art were Yuri Cirkunov well-known Latvian artist, professor Latvian State Academy of art Igor Vasiliev famous sculptor and soviet artist Abram Bikov now living in Israel.

With all her experiences, referencing natural subjects and figures, Tatjana found her own emotional and expressive style, characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting shapes and bold compositions.  Tatjana works with watercolors and acrylics, but prefers oil on large canvas.

As a Visual Art winner Tatjana showed her art works in York Region Art Celebration 2002.  Her first public introduction was in 1999 in Riga, Latvia in gallery “LAPA” with Latvian artists group show.  Tatjana”s art works are in many private collections in different countries and in several public collections. tatjana2011@hotmail.ca


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