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Abstracts Art Exhibition – Overall Category

Abstracts Art Exhibition – Overall Category post image

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of October 2014 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Congratulations to our artists who made our 5th Annual “Abstracts” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Abstracts” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. To return to the Abstracts Home Page here.

1st Place – Mandy Thompson – “Natural Flourish”

Mandy Thompson draws inspiration from the transcendence of the natural world, and is influenced by anything from Monet’s passionate colors to Erin Ashley’s bold compositions. Her pieces are loose abstractions that pull away from realism to capture the essence of nature. Mandy’s paintings include colors that reflect the vitality of life, textures that communicate the physicality of nature, and strong lines with open spaces that evoke a sense of freedom. Life at its purest is good; Mandy’s artwork is an invitation to engage in the natural beauty of life.

As a life-long artist, Mandy’s current obsessions include mixed-media and art journaling. She fell in love with a preacher in 2001 and they make their home near the Georgia coast, where life is almost always sunshine and rainbows.

Mandy vulnerably shares her life and faith through her art, and has the pleasure of being an art journaling instructor in her local community. In her spare time, she diligently finds ways to inhale and feed her soul, in order to offering something of truth to the world.  http://mandythompson.com

2nd Place – Sally Tuttle – “Conditions”

Sally Tuttle is an artist living and working in the Monterey area of California. At this time Sally is working with acrylics and encaustics creating non-objective paintings and mixed media collage, she considers her current work to be influenced by her admiration of the American Abstraction Expressionists from the 1950’s. Sally received her BA in interior design with a focus on furniture design from Cornish Institute in Seattle.

After graduation Sally started painting and continued painting while working with clients on various interior design projects. During these years painting was done “as time permits” and Sally discovered that if you paint when time permits sometimes you do not paint at all.

In 2004 Sally took a painting workshop for inspiration and motivation and Sally has been painting regularly ever since. www.sallytuttle.com  

3rd Place – Terry Pellmar – “Mountain View”

Terry Pellmar is a Maryland-based Digital Artist, striving to capture the magic of the world around her. Her artistic creativity blossomed after her retirement from a career in science. Whether she is walking in the local park or traveling the world, taking in a mountain view, a flower detail, or a moment in a life – she captures the scene with her camera. But it is with her artwork that she reveals her vision. Digital paint brushes, filters, and textures are the primary tools she uses to transform the original picture and create a work that conveys her enchantment. She sometimes creates mixed-media pieces, using acrylics and/or pastels to enhance the printed image.

Terry shows her award-winning work in a variety of venues in the Washington DC metropolitan area, including juried and solo exhibitions.

To see more of Terry’s artworks http://tpellmar.wix.com/digital-creations.

4th Place – Kathy Blankley Roman – “Inner Eye”

Born and raised in Chicago, Kathy Blankley Roman is an award winning artist known primarily for her abstract acrylic and encaustic paintings. Her preference for an earthy palette reflects a connection felt since her childhood introduction to the prehistoric cave art of Lascaux. She still carries with her that first sense of awe and wonder at their beauty. Looking back, she feels that was a pivotal experience, sparking an interest in primitive art and pursuing a major in Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

After her retirement in 2010 she finally had the time and energy to immerse herself in art. By chance, she found a class in nonobjective drawing taught by arts educator and author, Steven Aimone. This form of abstract painting by its nature, removes the dilemma of having to decide what to paint and allows the inner child to take over, making marks without planning them and just painting because it is fun! She has been doing it ever since.

Proficient in diverse media, both her expressive acrylic and her encaustic paintings have been shown in juried and curated shows nationally and internationally online and have earned recognition. Kathy currently maintains a studio and lives in Chicago.  www.kbromanart.com  

5th Place – Gene Cheltenham – “Engine Number One”

Gene Cheltenham has turned his artistic energies to photography and digital painting after retiring from an award winning career as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and product designer. Gene has exhibited both in the United States and Europe online as well as in books and publications such as: Los Angeles Times, BBC, One Life-Stories Told through Photography, Still Point Art’s Quarterly, Print Regional Design Annual, Print Magazine, Budget Travel Magazine, Art Direction Magazine, Graphic Design USA and others.

Gene has also had his work selected in juried exhibits such as: Light Space & Time, Darkroom Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 2nd Greek Photographic Circuit, One Life Gallery and Infinity Art Gallery.

Originally from New England, he has lived in California for most of his life. A lover of travel, he has been to 35 countries as well as many states in the U.S.

His wide-ranging professional and travel experience is reflected in the various photo and digital paintings which range from landscapes, still life, cityscapes, nature and floral, as well as abstract images.  g.chelt@gmail.com  

6th Place – Patricia Bingham – “Starfish”

Patricia Bingham enjoys working in all media. She has a restless mind and continually challenges herself by experimenting with new methods and ideas. She believes all art should be filtered through the mind and come out with the artist’s fingerprints all over it.

Patricia discusses artistic journey, “I chose the field of psychology over Art in a perverse fit of practicality.  As it turns out, I’ve never worked in Psychology, but instead circled back to my first love – Art.  I’ve not had much formal training, but I spent many years engaged with photography, both in the darkroom and out.  Little did I realize that all that time I was learning composition and color theory and when I was ready to move on to a new challenge, I had the basics down.”  

She continues her thoughts, “I took up painting because I needed a way to get the pictures I saw in my mind, down on paper.  Photography came up short in that.   So I took up painting and paint almost every day.  It’s a heady feeling to able to take something as nebulous as a thought and make it visible.”  

She ranges from representational through collage and abstract, pastel, acrylic and watercolor, and is continually surprised by what rolls through her brushes.  http://www.trilliumgallery.com/patricia-bingham  

7th Place – Ethna Gillespie – “Ziggy”

Ethna Gillespie is an amateur photographer who is currently based in British Columbia, Canada. Ethna enjoys photographing “anything and everything” that she finds interesting or beautiful. Her main photographic focus has developed into capturing inanimate objects and presenting her unique “street art.”

Most of Ethna’s photographs are captured with a compact camera. As an avid traveler, many of Ethna’s works include travel photographs and particularly from Asia where she had lived for 12 years.  To view more of Ethna’s art http://www.redbubble.com/people/ethna  

8th Place – Margie Agoston – “Yellow”

Margie Agoston is a woman of few words but many colors and dimensions.  She grew up outside of New York City and her formal education includes a BA from the University of California in Santa Barbara. She is also a Graduate Gemologist and received a Jewelry Manufacturing Arts degree from The Gemological Institute of America.

Ever since she can remember, Margie has loved creating art. Whether it’s painting, photography, jewelry design, or ceramics, her work comes from her heart. In recent years, painting has given Margie the opportunity to fully express herself and has allowed her to delve into her inner soul producing work that validates her commitment to healing, growing, and evolving.

Margie expresses herself freely by using color, texture and movement to convey emotions, and her desire is to bring joy and happiness to all who view her work. She hopes observers will go on their own journeys as they experience her abstract paintings.

She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions and galleries in South Florida among them Art in Public Places in Palm Beach International Airport, the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter, and the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta where she won First Place in the 2013 D’Art for Art fundraising exhibit. http://MargieAgoston.com  

9th Place – Catherine Roberts Leach – “Landing”

Catherine Roberts Leach was born and grew up in New York City and currently lives in California. She had a previous career as a writer and as the co-editor/publisher of a nationally distributed, award winning journal focusing on environmental, social, and economic justice. Now a self-taught, fine art photographer, she captures abstracts in light and shadow, architectural detail, unusual surfaces, and the juxtaposition of nature and the built environment. She focuses on seeing improbable combinations that others may miss. Catherine creates straight photographs. Though the images are digitally captured, the content is never manipulated.

“I am aware of surfaces, what lies beneath the surface, and what lies above it,” explains the artist. “When I shoot, I am inspired by this interplay, which then becomes something new created out of my imagination with the help of simple reality and the beauty of abstract illusions. Seeing reality in unusual ways heightens my artistic appetite and makes me strive to transform the work from photography to a form of painting, sculpture, or poetry.

Exhibitions including her work have appeared at the Los Angeles International Airport, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Art Rental and Sales Gallery, and The Brand Library and Galleries. Her work has been juried and curated into exhibitions.  Catherine’s website can be reached at www.crleach.com  

10th Place – Irina Cupcea – “Emotionally Drained”

Romi Cupcea is a mostly a self-taught artist who was born in Romania. In 2000, she left the computer industry in order to devote to her family and she moved to Dallas, Texas.

While she has been creating art in various forms throughout her life (tapestries, painting, jewelry and photography) she has always been interested in raw expression, emotion and color; using interesting textures and layers of dynamic and bright colors.  Today, she creates images that vibrate with intense energy.

Her work is collected in United States, Canada and Romania. Romi’s work has also been exhibited in many group exhibitions and in festivals around Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

She recently joined the “Color in My life Art” Group in Plano, Texas. Today, her favorite media to use in her creations is acrylic. To view more of her artworks, here is her website http://colorinmylife.com/artists/romi-cupcea


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