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Welcome to the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Light Space & Time was created to help new and emerging artists gain competition experience in applying for and participating in our juried art competitions. Light Space & Time’s main purpose is to help participating artists obtain exposure to the decision makers in the art world. Through Light Space & Time, artists are able to not only gain art gallery competition experience, but are also able to add to and to develop their art resumes.  This will hopefully, assist the artist in selling their art work and developing a successful and prosperous art career.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions. All participating winning artists of each competition will have their artwork exposed and promoted online through the gallery to thousands of guest visitors each month (presently there are 20,500+ visitors a month with an average of 46,500+ page views, with 76%+ of all traffic to the website being new visitors). In addition to the increase in exposure of the artist’s artwork, each winning artist, due to their involvement, will have the news of their participation sent by email to gallery owners and directors, corporate art representatives and decision makers in the art and design world. Below, is more detailed information and the benefits that an artist can receive by participating in the Light Space Time, monthly art competitions.

John R. Math is the director and operator of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Mr. Math is a fine art photographer who sells his work successfully through art galleries and art representatives to the corporate art markets.  When John first embarked on his art career, in order to achieve some credibility, he began by participating in shows, competitions and exhibitions, both online and in ‘bricks & mortar” art galleries. Initially, through these various types of galleries, he was able to build and develop his resume to the point where art gallery owners and artist representatives would take him seriously, look at his art and evaluate his artwork for their clients. At that time when he began the process of marketing his artwork, he thought to himself “that there must be an easier way” to break into the art world and that there must be a way, or a person or an organization that could assist in this endeavor. John never found that assistance and through trial and error found various ways and media to expose his art. Today, through Light Space & Time his desire is to assist other artists in this endeavor in order to help talented artists to be quickly and economically exposed and promoted to the art world. Light Space & Time is an online art gallery for artists to promote their artwork on a worldwide basis.

Light Space & Time offers monthly themed art competitions and monthly themed art exhibitions for new and emerging artists. Light Space & Time’s intention is to showcase this talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions, therefore showing the exceptional abilities of the participating artists. As a “finalist” in each competition, Light Space & Time then promotes these “winners” in several differents ways.  Such as direct email campaigns and press releases announcing the achievements of the finalists to 70+ news outlets. These press releases will provide excellent publicity for the artists and can be linked to the artist’s website for further promotional purposes by the artist. The press releases contain artist information and links to the gallery and also to the artist’s personal website for further promotion and marketing exposure. The gallery also promotes their art exhibitions to 75+ online event websites and provides for an ongoing and extensive social media promotions as well.

Light Space & Time also maintains an archive of past art exhibitions along with the finalists’ artwork and biography on the gallery website. The gallery archive helps the artists to promote and market their work on an ongoing basis.

Overall, it is the hope of Light Space & Time to promote it’s participating artists in a comprehensive and ongoing marketing and promotional program. This program is designed to help the artist to build their professional experience, their resume, while hopefully, helping the artist to sell more of their artwork.

Any for sale inquiries to the website will go directly back to the artist. Light Space & Time is only interested in the artist gaining experience and acceptance in the art world. Light Space & Time has nothing else to sell you!

The copyright to all of the artwork shown on the Light Space & Time website is that of the respective artist and any of the artwork may not be reproduced in any fashion without the written consent of the artist.


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